Load Bank Testing

A load bank test is the only way to determine if your generator is capable of performing to its specifications. A manual transfer of power to test the generator system by throwing the breaker often does not work the generator enough to know if it is functioning properly or fully test the cooling system. 

Diesel Generators typically don’t work hard enough while running under load which creates carbon deposits known as wet stacking. If you notice heavy black smoke coming from your generator or see black deposits around the exhaust it is likely you have a wet stacking condition and the generator is not capable of performing to its design. Load banking runs the generator hard enough to burn the unwanted carbon deposits and clean out the system. A load bank test is conducted in stages and operating performance is recorded at each stage over the course of 2 or 4 hours.

Testing includes: 

Delivery, set-up, and test.
Load Bank Test Report records amperage, hertz, water temp, and oil pressure at each interval

Note: This test is pass or fail and does not include any repairs. Any known problem with the generator should be addressed prior to the load bank test.

2 and 4 Hour Load Bank Test options demanding power from the generator at multiple stages finishing with a call for 100% rated power. Each test stage is a sustained call for power from your generator.

Allpower Generator will tailor a load bank program for your needs. We own our test equipment keeping our rates very competitive.