Power System & Electrical Specialists

Our company focus is very straight forward. We deliver industry experience, quality products, and reliable business practices to residential and commercial customers. We cut no corners when it comes to installations, service calls, or preventative maintenance.  And now, as part of Lightning Technologies, we offer electrical services!

As part of Lightning Technologies, our customers will benefit from:

+ Streamlined installations with the built-in electrical division that Lightning Technologies brings.   

+ Same great service from the same great staff

+ Same pricing

+ Access to array of electrical services offered by Lightning Technologies

+ Better customer experience with improved systems

Everyone has been jumping on the generator band wagon. It is common for generator manufacturers to recruit just about anyone to sell and install their products after a 2 or 3 day certification class. We were power systems specialists before we went to those classes. They are typically filled with electricians and HVAC technicians that will learn how to change oil for one brand of generator. That’s just not us.